Friday, January 30, 2009

In The Beginning...

This blog is designed to focus on and promote Freshwater Designs Jewelry and my vintage bead shop, Refresh Beads. I have been on blogger for a while, but only for personal use with a random sprinkling of jewelry-related posts. I thought it was high time I had one just for business. But fair warning - I am not very businesslike! Haha.

I just started this new blog, so bear with me. I need to work on it. All I have really accomplished is choosing a background.

You can visit either of my sites right now on Etsy! I'll love you if you do.

Freshwater Designs
Refresh Beads

I thought I should post something even though I am not finished with the layout. Most importantly to let folks know about the show I will be doing in May. My husband, Evan, and I will be travelling to Hudson, OH for the Oddmall. It's about 2 hours from Pittsburgh and we are lucky enough to have a cousin in Medina to stay with. Thanks, Mimi!

I've checked out the crafters and artists who are attending and there are a lot of other jewelry designers. Some really amazing stuff is going to be at this show and I can't wait to see it all in person.

I'm working on lots of new display ideas and great designs. Busy, busy, busy. Which reminds me...I should probably get up from the computer now. Sitting here won't get the jobs done, now will it?