Friday, January 21, 2011

Down with work!

I'm just trying out this Blogger app on my phone. Let's see...I'm sitting at the costume store that I manage, wondering if I will have any more customers. It snowed about 6 inches last night. I'm sure there is no great demand for costumes on a day like this. I did, however, sell some lingerie (we sell that, too) to one brave customer.

I was home yesterday and I managed to work up a killer bracelet. I keep thinking about it. It's purple. Mmmm... I love purple. I daydream about taking pictures to share with you. I think I will do that tomorrow. Maybe it will happen sooner. Maybe.

For now, I watch the door. With a little luck, someone will show up with the need for hundreds of dollars worth of wigs. It could happen.
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