Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Made It! Market

I'm so pleased to report that I will be a vendor at the next big I Made It! Market at the South Side Works here in Pittsburgh.  This will be my second time appearing at one of their markets.   The show is on April 16th from 12-5.  I can't wait.  I did very well with my hair accessories and flower clips last time, so I am very glad that I have been recently focusing on that type of thing.  I have several projects in the works and this gives me an excuse to finish them all up.  Sometimes, I need that fire lit.  I also just sent an application for their two-day event in July.  I will be so proud if I get in because I used to look at the application and think there was no WAY I was good enough to show there. 

I made another trip to the new Michael's.  I'm such a flower fiend.  I loaded up on enough supplies to make at least 50 more clips for the show.  I've already sold bunches (pun very intended) to my girls at work, so I feel great about the Spring 2011 Fresh Flower collection. 

Ok, time to clean.  *blech*


  1. Yay! Isn't it the best getting into the shows you want?

    Good luck!

  2. Sure is. :-)

    Thanks for reading, Paige!