Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Want This! #1

 This is the first of my "I Want This" posts.  I thought it would be appropriate to begin with a seller whom I already know to be top-notch!

Meow Kiki Clothing is the name of a handmade clothing company run by a very young and very talented entrepreneur named Heather Cummings.  I have 5 of her incredible items already.  And if money wasn't so tight these days, I would be buying this in a heartbeat!  My sister-in-law made a skirt from the same fabric once and I have always loved it.  When I saw this dress, my eyes popped out of my head for a second.  The harness is a separate piece that I am also coveting.


And here is a photo of one of my already purchased items.  I wear these pants often.  

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